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There are a handful of hotels and apartments available in Tarfaya almost all of which have appeared in the last few years as Tarfaya has grown with investment from the north and in anticipation of the long-awaited ferry connection with the Canary Islands.

All accommodation at present is rated at 2** or less.

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It is possible to just arrive and obtain a room in one of the two hotels in the town although pre-booking is advised as there are a lot of government projects in the province at present and much of the accommodation is taken. As with any accommodation search you will never get the best deals or find the cheapest place available, advertised on the internet.
Often a place is booked and paid for and only later will the traveller discover on arrival that the place next door which has not been advertised as cleverly or as well, is half the price. Or that your building is half built or has a huge construction site next door.
Tarfaya .info is a portal of Rockport, a registered property agency and we will do the legwork for you. Simply contact us and tell us what you’re looking for and your budget and we’ll search it out for you. Remember we’re a company run by well-traveled people, who know that its OK to have basic accommodation, but it must be clean          with functioning facilities. SiteDon’t get                  caught out and find yourself in a hell                hole for the duration of your stay.
 Do you have accommodation that you            wish to advertise in or around Tarfaya           and wish to offer it for rent or sale. Then                                                               contact us – HERE