Eating out

Daily lifeThere are very few places to eat in Tarfaya unless you are a hardened traveler. Ensure your food is served hot all the way through and beware of salads and cold food as the concept of cross contamination of raw meats has not yet reached this town and  just about everything that exists in the vicinity will be contaminated. On Ahamed Haydar boulevard you will find very tasty freshly fried fish and chips although the surroundings are very basic.  Various places also do omelets on request. The hotels in the town all cook food to order and if you pre- book you are likely to enjoy a reasonable fish meal although my own experiences have been very poor in these establishments. 


If you have rented an apartment then you will be able to cook for yourself and there are many shops selling various meats including camel meat around the town and a market with all the fruit and vegetables you require. P1020033 (1200x900)

Tarfaya is a fishing town and you can’t go wrong if your thinking of dining on fresh fish. There are several places in the town where fish can be obtained. Octopus and spider crab are also a desirable delicacy as is lobster in season. All for a very reasonable and far better price than you will obtain at home.  

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