Ferry Tarfaya


Naviera Armas expanded its ferry service in 2007 to include a route from  Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands to Tarfaya, Morocco.

The service which began on 10th December 2007 delivered two journeys per week with the crossing being 3.8 hours.  The ferry used was the smallest of the fleet, the Assalama.Tarfaya

 On 30th April 2008 however the ship was leaving the port when strong winds pushed it sideways forcing it to hit the rocks and then get blown onto a sand bank where it still lays today. A tug was sent to pull the ship back into deep water but this got stuck also. The towns people rallied themselves and with the use of the fishing boats debarked the passengers to safety. Their luggage and vehicles however have never left the ship and remain in its belly still.

After years of discussing whether there was to be another sailing and on what route it was decided that the route would return to Tarfaya as this was the closest point to the Canary Islands. A new contract for 25 years was drawn up and signed and part of the agreement was that Tarfaya should extent its port deeper into the ocean to accommodate the new ship. The construction of the new port has been underway for some time now and the work continues at a very slow pace. It is said that the ship will sale again around December 2017 although I have heard this many times over the past years. What is true is that the port is being built and as soon as I have confirmation that the sailing dates are set I will update this post.Tarfaya

So for now 04/12/2016 there is no boat sailing this route.

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  1. An update for the ferry… This route is still not up and running. The latest information is that the company that was intending on sailing the route has now dropped out and another company has stepped into its place. The port of Tarfaya is still under construction and work is progressing, if slowly.

    I will again update this page when further relevant information is available.

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